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Grief has a negative reputation no matter what you are grieving. Unfortunately, no one ever shares what u can gain from a grief experience.

When you enter the classroom for the first time, everyone talks to you about preparing kids for assessments and making sure that you teach the standards but no one mentors you on the pain and anguish associated with the loss of a child. 

Two things happen when I hear or say his name, either a schoolgirl smile or tears. Sometimes both. Sometimes it starts as a smile and ends in tears. 

Get Up

Alea Allen,
Empty Seat

Tracy Cruz,
My William



Shaleka Smith was born and raised on the Northside of Chicago. Where she currently lives and is raising her daughter. She has worked in a healthcare setting for twelve years. Shaleka serves at her home church faithfully and is a preacher of the Gospel.

 Shaleka believes that the key to life management is finding community. Though there are moments that we must endure alone, we need to have people around us that have empathy for the trauma and triumphs life brings.

Community is imperative not just for bad times but more importantly for good times. Shaleka enjoys share good laughs with those around her. “If you ain’t laughing, you ain’t living.”


Though “Grief, I Didn’t Sign Up for This” is Shaleka’s inaugural book, she is determined that there are many more.

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